St Cloud OUT serves the GLBTA community in the greater St Cloud area. The Resource Directory assists in locating groups or organizations of interest to the GLBTA community.

St. Cloud Area Resource Directory.

February 15, 2005 Update

We have completed the updates to the St Cloud OUT Resource Directory and would like to thank the groups and organizations, listed in our Resource Directory, for updating their information.

We are always looking to add groups / organizations to our Resource Directory. If you would like your group / organization listed, simply provide us with your group / organization information by completing the on-line form++.

St Cloud OUT is dedicated to providing the most complete information in our Resource Directory. If you know of another group or organization that should also be included in the St Cloud OUT Resource Directory, please advise a member of that group or organization to simply visit our web site at and complete the on-line form++.

St Cloud OUT Web Site:
Our web site has been updated and contains more information on groups and events in the area. Check out the Links and Calendar pages. If your group has an event they would like to add to our calendar, simply go to our site and click Add an Event on the Calendar page++.

If you have a web site, we would be honored if you would add a link on your web site back to

Stay current with St Cloud OUT news and events:
Members of your group or organization can subscribe to the St Cloud OUT newsgroup by visiting the Contact Us page. Simply provide an e-mail address and click Join Now!

Printed Resource Directories:
This year we are asking if anyone would like printed copies of the Resource Directory (once updated). As St Cloud OUT is a not for profit organization, we will need to defer the printing costs to those who would like copies. The cost will depend on the total number of copies ordered by all groups. The cost of printing and the cost of shipping (no handling fees) will need to be received prior to shipping of the Resource Directories. When completing your group or organization information, please indicate whether or not you would be interested in ordering printed copies. Also please indicate how many copies you would be interested in ordering. Once the directories have been updated, a member of St Cloud OUT will contact you with the exact cost and arrange for payment and shipping.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you.


The St Cloud OUT Resource Committee

++ St Cloud OUT reserves the right to edit or refuse any additions to the web site or Resource Directory