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5:30 pm - Alcoholics Anonymous GBLT Welcoming

Friday, July 03, 2009

This meeting is open to all GBLT who have the desire to stop drinking. Some of you might recognize a few of us when you come. We are encouraging and welcoming to the GBLT person who still suffers in silence. We believe that as GBLT, we have one more stigma to over come when getting help for our drinking problem and that keeps some of us sick longer than necessary. Come and join us on the broad highway of happy destiny as Bill W. stated so long ago. Bill W., the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, also welcomed the homosexual into AA with open arms. Therefore, setting the tradition that AA will operate as an all inclusive fellowship. The only requirement for membership, is the desire to stop drinking, no one can be excluded. We homosexuals know all to well how it feels to be excluded. If you have the 12 x 12., read tradition three, it actually addresses the homosexual as well as other segments of the population that some groups in the beginning tried to keep out of AA. Hence, Tradition 3 added another brick to the foundation of AA, but as in all the Traditions of AA, it wasn't without growing pains in forming this new fellowship. Our common problem with the drink is what unites us, and brings about the precious environment of non-judgmental ness necessary for change.

Where: St. Cloud Alano Club (2 blks North of East St. Germain & 2 blks. east of Lincoln Ave.

Contact for Information: 320-492-0450

When: 5:30 pm Friday nights

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