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St. Cloud Out - Meeting Minutes

December 14, 2006

Present: Jerry, Brandi, Gabi, Timothy, Joe, Ozzie, Stephen

Secretary's Report:

Last month’s meeting minutes read by Gabi. Motion to approve by Jerry and seconded by Dan. Passed.

Treasurer's Report:

OUTFRONT account balance of $0
St. Cloud OUT account balance of $3799.14

Funding/Grants/Fundraising Committee Report:

No Report

Film Fest Committee Report:

Resource Committee Report:

Web site statistics for the month of:
Total Visits:
Average per day:
Unique Visitors for the month:
One-time Visitors:
Repeat Visitors:


Advisory Committee Report:

Advisory committee did not meet

Old Business:

No report

New Business:

No report


  1. The St. Cloud Human Rights Commission is looking for a new GLBT commissioner. If you are interested please contact Human Rights Director Baba Odokele at 650-3133
  2. At the recent Reconciling in Christ conference there were 36 people, but only one from Central Minnesota
  3. Lutherans Concerned is not having regular meetings at this time.
  4. Both GAB and the women’s group are going well.
  5. The youth group Element is also going well. They have funds raised, and advisory committee and kids from four different high schools.
  6. The Center for Service Learning and Social Change had a conference attended by 350 high school students. The breakout session on GLBT issues was the best attended
  7. There will be a Queer Youth conference for high school youth in Golden Valley on February 20

Next meeting 1/11 at the Mississippi Bean at 7 pm. Be there or be square.


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