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St. Cloud Out - Meeting Minutes

November 11, 2004

Present: Mike, Troy, Bill, Jim, Brandi, Thomas, Jerry, Ozzie, Gary S., Gabi, Ashley

Meeting facilitated by Brandi in Dan’s absence

Secretary’s report:

Gabi read the October minutes, approval moved and seconded by Ozzie and Jerry. No changes.

Treasurer’s report:

Meeting location:

Film Festival committee:

Resource Committee:

6. Play finance committee: (Gary reported)
* Significant shortfall after the play, with debts to Paramount ($553.84) and other professional fees.
* Committee met to discuss ways to raise income and/or reduce debt. Tony Goddard from Paramount is offering to drop $250 from bill. GAB will make a donation. Can use Philanthrofund Grant money for printing costs ($291). Dan is talking to a possible contributor. Other options are individual asks and website ads.
* Group stated that the play fit well with our mission and we’re glad we produced it, now we just need to make good with the money.
* Technicians and Troy are okay with partial payment at this time, rest to come as we can.
* Motion to pay $700 in initial expenses, with technicians receiving $150 or ½ their pay, and Troy receiving $250 at this time. Ozzie moved and Mike seconded, approved by all with Troy abstaining.
* Please bring to the next meeting the name of one person you can ask for a donation of $50 or more.

7. Announcements:
* GAB dance: 11/19
* KinPride will now be showing in Proctor, WI

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