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St. Cloud Out - Meeting Minutes

November 10th, 2005

Present: Jerry, Shawn, Thomas, Dan, Brandi, Joe, Kate, Michelle, Gabi

Secretary's Report:

Minutes read by Gabi. Motion to accept by Brandi. Seconded by Thomas. Approved by all.

Treasurer's Report:

  1. No change from last month
  2. Outfront account has $367.28
  3. OUT account has $716.09
  4. Total $1083.37

Funding/Grants/Fundraising Committee Report:

  1. In a letter dated October 19, the Central Minnesota
    Arts Board refused our grant request for the Film
    Festival because it was not specific enough. They
    wanted to know which specific movies we were planning
    and what sort of intermission entertainment we were
    planning. We can apply again in February.
  2. The general feeling from the discussion was that we
    can not count on getting the grant and need to do some
    fundraising. (See below).
  3. We should hear from the Philanthrofund in November.
    Outreach is included in that grant. If we get it we
    can check if any of it can be used for the Film Fest.
  4. Michelle and Kate are interested in having a
    fundraiser for St. Cloud OUT -- something like GAB’s
    dance night. We encouraged them to make a connection
    with GAB and possibly having the proceeds from a dance
    go to OUT for the Film Fest.

Film Fest Committee Report:

  1. The dates for the film fest are Friday March 17 and
    Saturday March 18.
  2. We are asking anybody and everybody to donate what
    they can. Donors can be given special listings in the
    program. Brandi suggested that we all commit to asking
    at least one person for a donation before the next
    film fest meeting.
  3. We need to raise $1500-2000 to pay for the films
    and advertising. Ticket prices will cover some of
    that, but we would rather go into this knowing that
    everything is paid for. We could set aside the ticket
    money for next year.
  4. We have a rental agreement with Dan Barth from the
    Pioneer Place on Fifth (PPOF). The agreement includes
    all tech support, box office support and any publicity
    that PPOF does. PPOF will get concession stand
    profits, so we will encourage people to buy
    concessions. They will charge us $40 per night for a
    tech director. PPOF is only going to charge us $80 for
    both nights!!!!
  5. Dan has notified the Paramount.
  6. Jerry has written an information sheet on the film
    festival for distribution to anyone who wants more
  7. Shawn has had contact with Power Up and TLA
    releasing. Power Up has mainly shorts—many of which we
    have already shown.
  8. The next Film Fest Committee meeting will be at The
    Meeting Grounds in Sartell on November 17, 7 p.m.

Resource Committee Report:

Web site statistics for October:

Advisory Committee Report:

Advisory committee did not meet

Old Business:

We received a letter back from SCSU regarding the bias related incident at SCSU. The letter gave details of the incident – comments on the walls of a dorm that were washed off by security staff. There are no suspects, but if there were they would be dealt with. They are working on it. The letter was almost two pages and was a very reflective response.

New Business:

No new business


GAB dance 11/12 at the Red Carpet.

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