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St. Cloud Out - Meeting Minutes

October 13, 2005

Present: Thomas, Jerry, Shawn, Ozzie, Gabi, Brandi

Secretary's Report:

Read by Jerry. Motion to accept by Brandi and seconded by Ozzie. Approved by all.

Treasurer's Report:

  1. No inflow or outflow
  2. Balance is 1083.37
  3. Received a note from OutFront that they are still happy to be our fiscal host.

Funding/Grants/Fundraising Committee Report:

  1. Advisory committee met and made a budget of $1500 for operating costs to submit in a grant to Philanthrofund.
  2. Requested and received the fiscal host letter from OutFront.
  3. Should hear from the Central Minnesota Arts Board in November regarding the Film Fest.
  4. We need to always be thinking about ways to make money.

Film Fest Committee Report:

  1. Met October 3
  2. Date will be March 18 at the Pioneer Place.
  3. Possible second night on March 17. Just one film—something edgier, maybe a foreign film
  4. Rental Costs at Pioneer Place are usually $250 but they will waive it if they can keep the concessions open
  5. Ticket prices will be $7 for one night and $10 for two.
  6. We are gathering film possibilities. Shawn has contacted 12 distributors but only heard back from one.
  7. Pre-show/intermission possibilities include a comic named Doug Anderson, local folk singer Leesa, campy skit “Cheer Dorothy Cheer”
  8. Advertising—we are checking to see if we would do the program or Pioneer Place

Resource Committee Report:

  1. Web site statistics:
    • 627 total visits
    • 20 average visits /day
    • 339 unique visitors
    • 245 one time visitors
    • 94 repeat visitors
  2. If you want something on the calendar please e-mail the webmaster.

Advisory Committee Report:

Advisory met to make the budget for the Philanthrofund grant.

Old Business:

  1. Rebuilding bridges with SCSU
    Brandi met the interim assistant at GLBT services at a meeting. GLBT Services is in the process of interviewing for a new director and they hope to have someone in place by Thanksgiving.
  2. OUT information cards were handed out at the last GAB dance. Jerry will make some cards about the film fest to start publicity about that too.

New Business:

  1. The Gill Foundation came to St. Cloud Tuesday 10/11 with directors from other states’ OutFront type organizations as well as OutFront itself. They were gathering information about supporting local GLBT efforts – especially rural ones. OutFront invited all area GLBT organizations. Dan, Brandi and Gary S went and gave our history with its bumps and bruises and highlights. OutFront asked what they could do to help us. They answered that Scott Fearing had helped us start and that OutFront was still acting as our fiscal host.
  2. After that meeting there was a community organizing meeting to beat back any hostile legislative efforts in 2006. OutFront asked for us all to talk about it more to raise awareness and level of concern. They also gave these bits of information. It will cost $1.2 million to stop the initiative in the house and senate but $5 million if it goes to the ballot. It will take 37 people in the Senate to stop it. EVERYONE SHOULD CALL THEIR SENATORS!!
  3. Brandi reported that she had heard that there was a bias motivated incident at SCSU in the dorms. There were written messages all over a dorm floor with homophobic remarks and accusing three students of being gay. Administration response has been limited. There was a suggestion that OUT should draft a letter of inquiry to SCSU administration to get more information and to urge them to deal with the matter quickly and appropriately. Brandi volunteered to draft the letter.
  4. Should we try to organize a fundraiser against the amendment? Should the spaghetti dinner be resurrected? Think about it.
  5. We discussed the recent Vatican crackdown on homosexuality. We want the St. John’s and St. Ben’s GLBT community to know that we support them. Ozzie will convey that message to the staff and Jerry will send a note to the PRISM student group.


GAB dance costume party with prizes – October 29

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