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St. Cloud Out - Meeting Minutes

August 12, 2004

Present: Dan, Troy, Bill, Joe, Jerry, Brandi, Gabi, Gary S., Ozzie

Secretary report:

Typo in last minutes. In the treasurer’s report it should have said $1407.20 NOT $14707.20. The minutes were approved with that correction.

Treasurer report:

No treasurer’s report this month because we had no treasurer.

Committee reports:

Resource committee:

Joseph and the Old Man Play committee:

Art show at the play committee:

3 confirmed artists: Kathryn Gainey, James Habinger and LeeAnn Ebert. Ebert’s art is based on the script.

Film Fest committee:


Gary moved and Brandi seconded the approval of the bylaws as corrected over the previous two meetings. It passed unanimously.


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