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St. Cloud Out - Meeting Minutes

August 9, 2007

Present: Jerry, Shawn, Joe, Gabi, Brandi, Gary

Secretary's Report:

  1. Last month’s minutes were read by Jerry
  2. Motion to approve by Brandi seconded by Gary and approved by all

Treasurer's Report:

  1. $3,907.89 in account

Funding/Grants/Fundraising Committee Report:

  1. Nothing to report

Film Fest Committee Report:

  1. Mark your calendars!!! The next film festival will be April 18 and 19, 2008
  2. Keep your eyes open for new movies and money sources
  3. We would love to recruit more members. Anybody out there interested in screening movies? Please e-mail us at
  4. Start thinking about movies. We looked through guides from other film fests for ideas. Shawn shared a great site with lots of movies.
  5. We should start thinking about corporate sponsors in September

Resource Committee Report:

Web site statistics for the month of:
July 2007
Last Month
Last Year
Total Visits:
Average per day:
Unique Visitors for the month:
One-time Visitors:
Repeat Visitors:

Advisory Committee Report:

Duluth Pride:

  1. All day festival Labor Day weekend Saturday.
  2. Still no paper work but they cashed the check so we know we are in. Jerry sent an email requesting info.
  3. Hours for the booth will be from 10 – 7. Shawn and Jerry will take the first shift (9-11) and set up. Gabi and Brandi will work 11-1. GAB volunteers, including Gary and Thomas will cover from 1-7 in two hour blocks.
  4. We need to bring the tent, banner, and business cards.
  5. Brandi moved to approve the printing of 30 hard copies of the resource directory. Gary seconded. Approved by all. Jerry will take care of it.
  6. Jerry is also going to print up more business cards and separate cards for the Film Fest advertisement and requests for help.
  7. Shawn is going to make paper weights and bring a tablecloth.
  8. We sent out an email soliciting member groups to contact us via email if they would like to drop off anything to be put on the table. We need the information by 8/25.

Old Business:

  1. GAB is no longer going to have their phone line. OUT is not going to take it up at this time.

New Business:

  1. Outfront sent us a questionnaire regarding outstate GLBT groups. Brandi will fill it out.


  1. GAB birthday bash is August 22, 2007 from 12-6 at Lion’s Park on County Rd 37 across from Bethlehem Lutheran Church. Bring something to grill. GAB is providing the rest. As with all GAB potlucks everyone is invited.
  2. After the birthday bash, go home and rest up for the GAB dance at the Red Carpet. Social Hour starts at 9 and the DJ starts at 10.
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