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St. Cloud Out - Meeting Minutes

June 12, 2008

Present: Jerry, Joe, Gabi, Brandi, Thomas, Shawn, Gary, Sarah, and Ozzie

Secretary's Report:

  1. Motion to approve by Shawn seconded by Joe and approved by all

Treasurer's Report:

  1. $3258.62 in account.
  2. We deposited $25 and spent $50.76 for a gift basket and need to send $75 to Duluth Superior Pride if we decide today to do that.
  3. We need to order more checks. Gary moved that we approve the expense to order duplicate checks. Sarah seconded the motion and it was approved by all.

Funding/Grants/Fundraising Committee Report:

  1. We need an Advisory committee meeting to carry on the 501(c)3 process.
  2. Still looking for a pro bono lawyer to help us through the legalities.
  3. Brandi will talk to Jeddeloh for suggestions. Outfront might also have some suggestions.

Film Fest Committee Report:

  1. Nothing to report

Duluth Superior Pride Committee Report:

  1. DS Pride is Saturday August 30
  2. We discussed why DS pride and not TC pride
  3. Sarah moved and Gary seconded that we spend $75 for registration and a table. GAB would like to share the table with us so they will pay for half.
  4. There will be a call for volunteers on the news group and material from other groups.
  5. We discussed whether or not to have printed copies of the resource guide. At the very least there will be cards with the web address.
  7. Anybody want to carpool?

Resource Committee Report:

Web site statistics for the month of:
May 2008
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Total Visits:
Unique Visitors for the month:
  1. Sarah volunteered to join the resource committee.
  2. It was suggested that we print off some of GLBT Services directories as well as our own for DS Pride. Details at the next meeting.

Advisory Committee Report:

Old Business:

  1. Nothing to report

New Business:

  1. Nothing to report


  1. GLBT Services interviewed for a new director.
  2. There is a GAB potluck this weekend in Clearwater. All are welcome. Dances will resume in August.
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