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St. Cloud Out - Meeting Minutes

June 9, 2005

Present: Joe, Brandi, Dan, Shawn, Jerry, Ozzie, Gabi, Sherry, Gary S.

Secretary’s Report:

  1. March minutes read by Jerry. Motion to approve by Ozzie, second by Brandi. All approved.
  2. May minutes read by Jerry. Please add that Stephen and Ozzie were also present. Motion to approve with the addition made by Brandi, second by Shawn. Approved by all.

Treasurer’s Report:

  1. Brandi gave out an expenses spreadsheet from the last three years of the film festival. On average the film fest costs $4000.
  2. Dual account balance of 637.67
  3. Balance in Outfront account
    • beginning balance of 630.47. No deposits . Withdrawal of 134.69 to the OUT account for web support and publicity/ outreach. Withdrawal of 128.50 to Jerry to reimburse for the website.
    • Account balance 367.28
  4. Balance in OUT account
    • beginning balance 135.70
    • deposit from Outfront account of 134.69
    • new balance 270.39

Funding/grants/fundraising committee Report:

  1. Dan researched many grant opportunities. Our funds are getting low and we need money for operating expenses as well as the Film Festival. The two most promising grants for operating expenses are PhilanthroFund and the Central Minnesota Community Foundation. There are more for specific events, such as the Film Festival. They include: United Way, Jerome Foundation, Central Minnesota Arts Foundation, and The Initiative Foundation. Dan and Brandi will work on filling out the applications.
  2. Big Gay Garage Sale
    • In order to raise money for operating expenses, it was proposed that we have a garage sale.
    • You are invited to clean out your closets and donate your gently used treasures.
    • It will be held the second weekend of August at Shawn and Jerry’s and will be advertised as a multifamily garage sale.
    • Stuff can be dropped off after August 1

Film Fest Committee Report:

  1. The Paramount is available February 18, March 25 and April 8. These dates are all Saturdays. Because Feb 18 is Trivia weekend, March 25 is the first choice.
  2. Pioneer Place is another venue option. It holds 240 people and is getting a new light and sound system. There are parking concerns, but it is much cheaper and more intimate. Dan will check into it.

Resource Committee Report:

  1. Since the move the new server Network Solutions last month, we have had 422 unique new visitors for a grand total of 1556 visitors to date.
  2. We also have up to 25 email boxes, so different committees and groups could have their own email.
  3. [email protected] forwards to the yahoo group
  4. It cost $130/year. Brandi and Gabi will reimburse OUT $15 from Cloudnet.

Pride Festival:

  1. Responsibilities:
    • Ozzie has typed up guidelines for the table. The mission statement will be on the back.
    • Brandi will get a fish bowl
  2. Schedule:
    • Saturday
      9-12 OUT Jerry and Shawn
      12-2 GAB Gary S.
      2-5 Lutherans Concerned Ozzie
      5-8 Women of St. Cloud Brandi and Gabi
    • Sunday
      12-2 Eclipse Dan
      2-4 PFLAG Warren and Jackie
  3. Materials:
    • The following materials are ready to go: banner, flag, tablecloth, human rights office, GAB info and chairs.
    • Need: tent from Thomas and info from other groups
    • If your group wants to have information on the table (which we greatly encourage!!) materials need to be to Shawn and Jerry by Saturday June 18th. Contact Jerry via email at [email protected]

Advisory Committee:

  1. Responsible for overseeing things and making sure we are following our mission.
  2. The committee consists of Joe, Jerry, Brandi and Gary S.
  3. There is room for one other person.

Meeting Location:

  1. It was suggested that we check out the Meeting Grounds in Sartell because they have a meeting area and we would not need to worry about keys. It will be listed in the next meeting announcement.
  2. There was a motion to book meeting at the Meeting Grounds in Sartell starting in August. Motion made by Gary, second by Dan and approved by all.


  1. Race Unity Picnic Wilson Park Friday June 10
  2. Juneteenth celebration week of June 12th
  3. Regional Human Rights Committee
  4. There has been a committee set up to investigate whether Central Minnesota needs a regional human rights committee. Dan is on that committee. It will meet for six months.
  5. Mens’ Circle in Hinkley is having a Pride picnic at a county park. See the GAB skinny for details
  6. GAB dance June 18
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