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St. Cloud Out - Meeting Minutes

May 12, 2005

Present: Dan, Jerry, Joe, Brandi, Gabi, Shawn, Gary S

Treasurer's report:

  1. Brandi presented a report of all income and expenses for the last 3 years for both St. Cloud OUT and OUTfront accounts.
  2. Total amount we have right now: $766.17 SC-OUT: $135.70 OUTfront: $630.47
  3. Need to get new signatures for SC-OUT account
  4. Also will need to get new forms for reimbursement from OUTfront

Secretary's report:

  1. No minutes from April social.
  2. No copy of March minutes to read.

Film Fest committee:

  1. Paramount would like to move the date so that they can accommodate a Bellamy Bros concert.
  2. Consensus of group: preferable to have a different weekend than a Friday night. Dan will check on other date possibilities.
  3. Group would like treasurer to bring a report showing the moneys spent and made through past Film Fests.

Resource Committee:

  1. Our domain registration expires June 18. Can either renew or change hosts.

  2. Jerry has researched Network Solutions, found they have more options and are cheaper than Cloudnet.
  3. Motion to authorize Jerry to move forward for 1 year's hosting and domain name registration (pending the discovery of any red flags) with Network Solutions. Made by Gary, Seconded by Brandi. All approved.
  4. Our website has had 1372 unique visitors so far.

Pride Committee:(Staffing schedule follows minutes)

  1. GAB will provide the tent
  2. Dan will bring and leave 2 chairs
  3. Jerry and Shawn will take care of paper weights
  4. Need tablecloth and tie-down.
  5. Brandi will contact Mike and Jim re banner.
  6. Ozzie will write up guidelines for the different people who staff the table (ie. take an active role talking to people, hand out stuff, etc.)
  7. Groups need to bring fliers to next OUT meeting or get to an OUT member before Pride.
  8. Jerry will send out notices to resource committee groups, invite them to staff table and provide things for people to pick up (at least 50 copies)
  9. Motion to approve Jerry printing 50 copies of Resource Directory. Made by Ozzie, Seconded by Gary. All approved.
  10. Motion to print up a marketing card/flier for SC-OUT. Made by Brandi, seconded by Gabi. All approved.
  11. Display board: Dan will talk with Eclipse kids about whether they might want to help make it.

Election of Officers:

  1. Facilitator: Jerry
  2. Treasurer: Brandi
  3. Joe remains as Secretary
  4. Clarification of Advisory Committee at June meeting
  5. Thank you Dan for Facilitating last year!!

Proposal to change Bylaws regarding financing of outside projects.

Stephen presented three options for discussion:

  1. SC-OUT will not obligate itself to funding outside projects,
  2. Set a monetary limit to the amount we will give to outside projects, and
  3. Require that outside projects have financial backing before we provide any support to them.


  1. What is an outside project? Does that include Film Festival?
  2. We do not want to find ourselves in a situation where we lose a significant amount of money on a project.
  3. We want to make sure that any projects we do (inside or outside) fulfill the mission of SC-OUT, and that we do not obligate ourselves to any projects that do not fulfill the mission.
  4. Do we need additional bylaws? Do we already have the safeguards written into the Bylaws and Financial policies?

Decision was made to table the discussion and revisit it at the June meeting.

Funding / Grants / Fundraising:

  1. Dan will bring a list of grant resources to next meeting.
  2. Philanthrofund does community events - Film Fest grant possibility. Deadline is Sept. 15.
  3. We need to find funding sources for our basic operational costs - website, resource directory, etc.


  1. Anna Marie's Shelter provides services for GLBT couples in domestic abuse situations.
  2. Dan is looking for scholarship money for sending gay kids to camp.
  3. Fundraiser this weekend for Muhammed Muhammed's kids to get to the US.
  4. Race Unity Picnic is coming up as well.

Pride Staffing Schedule:

9-Noon (incl. set-up) SC-OUT; Jerry and Shawn
12-2: GAB; Gary S
2-5: Lutherans Concerned: Ozzie
5-8: Women of St. Cloud: Brandi and Gabi

12-2: PFLAG: Warren and Jackie
3-end: Eclipse: Dan and kids

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