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St. Cloud Out - Meeting Minutes

March 11, 2010

Present: Joe, Rachel, Sarah, Gabi, Christopher, Barbara, Cassidy, Thomas

Secretary's Report:


Treasurer's Report:

  1. Our balance is $1744.86. A deposit will be made soon.


  1. Nothing to report

Film Fest Committee Report:

  1. Weekend of April 17 -- Band on Friday, Movies on Saturday
  2. Band “Far from Falling” on Friday
  3. Movies “She’s a Boy” and “Hollywood Je T’aime”
  4. Publicity
    • posters and fliers are in
    • Thank you Continental Press for printing them for $134!
    • There should be an article in the paper featuring “Far from Falling” and the film festival
  5. Advertisements
    • about $400 so far -- about the same as last year
    • please bring in the checks and confirm sizes.
  6. Next year is Tenth Film Fest!! Question to ponder: take a year off next year and plan something huge?

Outreach / Social Activities:

  1. Pride meeting 3/18 at Atwood at 7 pm
    • Tentative date September 25
  2. Out and Proud week at SCSU week of 3/14
    • big week of gayness with the Closet Project, workshops, and art
    • Sarah’s workshop 2:30 on Weds
  3. GAB planning lots of activities.
    • dance on 3/20 at the Red Carpet, dinner nights, bean bag contest,
  4. GLBTA Recovery Group “On the Way Out” -- both AA and NA meeting Tuesday nights at 7 pm at the St. Cloud Public Library
  5. PFLAG -- still meeting and plan on coming to the Film Festival
  6. Human Rights Commission -- Rachel is on it! Congrats Rachel!
  7. Other SCSU events
    • Day of Silence Friday 4/16
    • Drag Show 4/22
  8. Summer Summit with all local GLBTA groups before May 21st. More later

Duluth Superior Pride Committee Report:

  1. Nothing to report

Resource Committee Report:

Advisory Committee Report:

Old Business:

New Business:


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