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St. Cloud Out - Meeting Minutes

March 8th, 2007

Present: Brandi, Joe, Thomas, Gary, Shawn, Jerry

Secretary's Report:

  1. February meeting minutes read by Brandi. Approved by Gary and seconded by Thomas

Treasurer's Report:

  1. OUTFRONT Account: $0.00
  2. St Cloud OUT Account: $3634.14
  3. $200.00 in un-collected ad fees remains outstanding at the time.
  4. As of 3/8, St Cloud OUT has to raise approximately $860.00 in donations, ads, and ticket sales for the event to pay for itself.

Funding/Grants/Fundraising Committee Report:

  1. Nothing to report

Film Fest Committee Report:

All films have been selected and two of the films have been received. One film is unavailable in DVD and Brandi will call for this film to be sent in VHS version. Jerry will contact Dan Barth at PPOF and ensure that this technology is available on the night of the event.

Resource Committee Report:

Web site statistics for the month of:
Total Visits:
Average per day:
Unique Visitors for the month:
One-time Visitors:
Repeat Visitors:

Advisory Committee Report:

Old Business:

New Business:


  1. GAB to provide an e-mail BLAST to their distribution group reminding of the Film Fest.
  2. Women’s Group of St Cloud and Women’s Group of Wright County have received this e-mail.
  3. An Ad appears on the MN Deaf web site
  4. PSA’s were sent to KVSC and Regent Broadcasting
  5. A $50.00 gift amount for a thank you was motioned by Shawn and seconded by Thomas.
  6. On behalf of GAB, Thomas asked that St Cloud OUT explore other groups to determine why they are not active in local events, such as the GAB Dances. Questions included, where they are, are they still around, why they are not working together. As GAB dance attendance has not been what they expected, GAB may be required to analyze their schedules and locations to ensure the financial success of the dance. Thomas introduced the idea of St Cloud OUT members attending these other meetings to get ideas on why people are not attending functions. St Cloud OUT asked that this objective be tabled until after the Film Fest.
  7. Gary and Thomas, on behalf of GAB, introduced a new GAB Dance format to be introduced at the March 31 st dance. Now included will be Karaoke.
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