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St. Cloud Out - Meeting Minutes

February 12, 2004

Members present: Dan, Thomas, Brandi, Gabi, Mike, Troy, Gary S., Bill

Minutes read by Dan. Approved: Mike, 2nd: Gabi. Accepted.

Treasurer’s Report (Read by Mike):

As of 1/31: $682.64 in OUT account, in OUTfront account: $1375.44 + $2000 CMAB grant, $750 anon. donor, $500 SCSU for movie, $500 SJU towards Paramount rental.

Film Fest:

Art for OUT:

Spring OUTing:

Estate Planning - March Meeting:

Amy Johnson will come to talk to about same sex estate planning


Philanthrofund Grant:

need to make a report for them. Adv. Com. will work on it.

Announcements/ Other:

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